Mission of the Lab

The Neuropsychology Research Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas investigates neuropsychological functioning in individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders. Our research takes a neuropsychological approach to understanding conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, substance use disorders, and traumatic brain injury. Specifically, we are interested in exploring the heterogeneity of cognitive impairment within these disorders, and how neuropsychological functioning predicts community-based outcome and clinical symptomatology. We are also examining affective processes to determine whether cognition-emotion interactions, reward learning, and social cognition differ between individuals with neuropsychiatric conditions and controls. Neuropsychological assessment procedures include standard paper an pencil tests as well as computer based procedures including experimental approaches. Collaborations with investigators using neuroimaging and genetic methodologies create the potential for advancing understanding of basic mechanisms that may translate into novel clinical approaches to treatment.











NRP Director
Daniel N. Allen, Ph.D.
Lincy Professor of Psychology


Welcome to the NRP website! I am deeply committed to advancing the science and practice of neuropsychology, as well as working to address the many professional challenges facing the field through my service in the National Academy of Neuropsychology. Since 1999, the NRP has been training doctoral students to become neuropsychologists, and our APA accredited doctoral program in Clinical Psychology has a Neuropsychology track which adheres to training requirements of the APA Division 40 for Neuropsychology. Please feel free to contact me via email if you are interested in applying to the graduate program to work in our laboratory, or to gain experience as an undergraduate research assistant volunteer. Thank you for visiting our site.


January 24th 2013
The NRP would like to congratulate two of our outstanding members for receiving prestigious fellowships this year!

Sally Barney has received the President's Graduate Fellowship.

Erik Ringdahl has been awarded the Regent's Scholar award.

Both Erik and Sally should be lauded for their stellar accomplishments and excellent research during their time in the program. 

November 1st 2012
Congratulations to Bern Lee for winning the 2012 National Academy of Neuropsychology Student Poster Award!

September 20, 2012
We would like to extend our greatest congratulations to Dr. Allen for his recent election to the presidency of the National Academy of Neuropsychology!

April 15, 2012:                           NRP is proud to welcome incoming doctoral students Bern Lee and Davor Zink who will join the lab in the Fall of 2012.

May 2, 2012:                       Congratulations to doctoral students, Sally Barney for winning the UNLV's President's Fellowship for outstanding research accomplishments, Mary Vertinski for the Patricia Sastaunak Scholarship, Nick Thaler for the Regents Graduate Scholar Award, and Erik Ringdahl for the Health Professions Scholarship.

March 2012:               Congratulations to doctoral students Griffin Sutton and Nick Thaler for successfully defending their dissertations, and Sally Barney and Chris Neblina for defending their masters theses.

February 24, 2012:                       Congratulations to doctoral student Nick Thaler who matched for Clinical Internship at the Oklahoma Health Science Center in the neuropsychology track.